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Moredou Taxidermy specializes in:

• Full mount trophies


• Shoulder mounts


• Skull mounts


• Rug mounts


• Skin soft tanning


• Leather tanning



Moredou Taxidermy is a South African company that specializes in high quality taxidermy work. The owner, Hilgard Kotze, has been in the taxidermy industry since 1992. All trophies are carefully mounted and sculptured on our premises. We also collect trophies from outfitters across South Africa. Superior trophies are offered at very competitive prices.

  • We carefully crate trophies and ship them to our clients Worldwide. We utilize Logwin Logistics for all of our shipping.

  • Moredou Taxidermy handles all trophies in accordance with the South African Veterinary Regulations.

  • We obtain all of the necessary documentation for the secure exportation of the trophies.

  • We also handle the dipping and packing of trophies.

  • After completion of the work we send an invoice with banking details. We accept payments via wire transfer.

About Us


Farm Moredou

North-West 2780
South Africa

Tel: +27 053 963 1444

Cell: +27 082 784 5269

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